The POS system to make your jewelry store shine

10 ways our POS system can help your jewelry store grow

Retail POS system jewelry inventory

1. Show product images on your iPad

Use Lightspeed POS' mobility to your advantage. Working with a mobile POS means that you can walk around your store showing high-res product images to customers.

Creating a work order in retail POS system

2. Work order tracking directly in the POS

Offer superior customer service by tracking your work and repair orders. Received a new watch for repair? Track exactly what stage of the process items are in, and manage customer expectations.

Lightspeed Retail POS system ipad employee permissions

3. Control employee POS permissions

You control employee access within your store. Block the cost of items from employees, choose who can create discounts and more.

Retail POS customer reorder point graphic

4. Set reorder points for products

Inventory management - simplified. Set a custom reorder point within the POS and be automatically notified when you should order more of a particular item.

discounting graphic for Retail POS system

5. Convenient discounting tools

Reward your customers. Flexible discounting tools make it easy to automatically apply discounts based on item category, brand, or customer group.

Retail POS system reporting dashboard

6. Real-time reporting

Make smarter business decisions with Lightspeed's built-in POS reporting. Get real-time sales figures, employee progress and much more — everything you need to grow your business.

creating a purchase order in Retail POS system

7. Simplified purchase orders

Complete a PO and fax, email, or if working with a vendor that’s integrated with Lightspeed Retail POS — submit order directly over the web.

Retail POS system 3-attribute product matrices

8. Configure products with 3-attribute product matrices

Streamline your store setup within the point of sale by creating multiple versions of the same style of item, setting different prices for each products.

Retail POS system price tag printing

9. Print barcodes and jewelry tags

Save time by printing anything your store needs from our retail software from jewelry price tags to barcode tags.

Retail POS system tradeshow floor

10. Build purchase orders during trade shows

Attending trade shows? Create purchase orders in the iPad app — as you scope out the trade show floor, simply add items to the purchase order. After the show, you'll be ready to order.

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