Serve up more drinks with the right bar point of sale software

Access business data from anywhere

View your menu, stock, sales and employee information at any time. Our POS system is fully cloud-based, which means you can check up on your business from anywhere.


Keep your business safe by maintaining control. You decide which employees can access certain information, minimizing the chance of errors or theft.

Help your staff work faster

Take drink orders from a quick-serve screen that is ideal for the bar environment. Orders are immediately sent to the bartender so you can get them to your customer without delay.

“At my last business I didn’t have a POS and I was spending hours manually entering the days sales. Now, Lightspeed does all of that for me.”

- Adam Kiesler, North Star Machines à Piastres

Simple to set up

You don’t need to sacrifice style for efficiency. Setting up your hardware and software is simple and the sleek design fits any environment.

Split bills

Splitting bills is quick and easy. Our POS for bars makes it simple for wait staff to identify who pays for which drinks.

Give your customers more freedom

With integrated credit card payments, you can print receipts and finalize bills from your iOS device no matter where they are — inside or on your terrace.

Run bar

Open and close bar tabs quickly. Swipe your customer’s credit card to capture their first and last names and create the tab. Need an overview? The bar POS can show you all open bar tabs in your club.

Get real-time data

The dashboard allows for you to quickly view your top sellers, adapt your menu and plan your marketing strategy with real-time business insights.

Minimize order errors

When your staff is able to send orders directly from the POS to the bar or kitchen, you know they’ll come out right every time.

Invite guests in for happy hour

Setting up drink specials or happy hour deals is simple, giving you the flexibility to run your business your way.

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