The point of sale system bike shops love to use.

8 ways our point of sale will help you succeed

Lightspeed Retail contains thousands of pre-loaded vendor catalogs

1. 700,000 bike SKUs, ready to sell

We’ve pre-loaded catalogues from over 200 of the world’s biggest bike vendors, so you don’t need to enter product information — just click. We’re adding new ones all the time, and happy to add more at your request.

Lightspeed integrated Bike vendors

2. Easy purchasing from vendors

Place purchase orders with some of the biggest bike suppliers — like QBP, Giant, and Hawley — from directly within your point of sale.

Credit cards can be processed with Lightspeed Retail

3. Plenty of ways to pay

Cash, credit, and debit payments are obvious. But Lightspeed also handles layaways, special orders, store credits, and even custom gift cards.

Lightspeed Retail graphic

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Lightspeed's Advanced Reporting function gives deeper business insites

4. Built-in reporting

Measure and plan by seeing what’s selling, what’s profitable, the strengths and weaknesses of your sales team, and more.

Lightspeed Retail in use during transaction within a bike retail business

5. You can take it with you

From the sales floor to the sidewalk, pop-up shops and trade shows, all you need is an internet connection. We even have a dedicated iPad POS app.

Lightspeed Retail is perfectly suited to work in bike shops

6. Serials for warranties and repairs

Set serial numbers for any kind of item. When a customer purchases a serialized item, it’s saved in their purchase history for future reference.

Bicycle, Lightspeed Retail is ideally suited for use within bike shops

7. Work orders and service tools

Create work orders for repairs and upgrades, track them to completion, and look them up later based on customers and their individual bikes.

Lightspeed Retail can be personalized for any retail business

8. Ready to sell online

Our integrated Web Store makes it easy to open your online store, and we’ve partnered with Smart Etailing to make it easier for online shoppers to discover you.

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“As a small business owner, I work for myself. And Lightspeed works for me.”

Joe Lawler, Bicycle Roots
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