The cafe and bakery POS system to help you run your business more efficiently

A mobile point of sale that helps bars, restaurants, and cafés deliver a better customer experience and run a more profitable business.

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Learn the system
in minutes

Train employees quickly — the intuitive interface of our bakery and cafe software ensures your new staff are ready to ring up orders on their first day.

Take orders

Move customers through quickly, with the extremely responsive Lightspeed Restaurant user interface.

your stock

Know what you’re selling. Our cafe and bakery management system helps you stay on top of every day, tracking how much you’re selling so you know when it’s time to restock.

“In the back end, I can always see what’s happening in real time and manage my stock.”

- Adam Kiesler, North Star

Accept all forms of payment

There’s no need to restrict your customers. Depending on your processor, you can take cash, debit, credit card payments — even Apple Pay!

Learn more about your business

Reporting is easy. Make educated business decisions by tracking your inventory, determining top sellers and analyzing profit by date range.

Don’t spend a lot on set up

Our POS doesn’t take up a lot of counter space and doesn’t come with high IT overhead costs. A printer, cash drawer and iPad or iPhone are all you need to get started.

Customize your receipts

Leave a lasting impression with customizable receipts. Include any information you need on your receipts, even QR codes linking to your website or Facebook page, so customers can stay in touch or check for updates!