Lightspeed OnSite features

From centralized inventory management to iPad mobility, Lightspeed OnSite in an all-in-one point of sale solution for serious retailers. Explore OnSite's in-depth features here.

Powerful, one-stop retail management.


A clear, customizable overview for your sales, products, customers, and more.

Drag and drop documents

Purchase, quote, and backorder with click-drag-save simplicity.

Stock management

Lightspeed tells you exactly what you have and what you need, automatically.

Inventory options

Special products include 2-attribute matrices, serial numbers, assembly and break apart, and more.

Live rules

Set prices or attributes for entire categories of products in seconds.


Real-time access to inventory and sales data from any other location.

Sell, your way

Visual checkout

Drill down through categories to process sales in a flash.

Related items

Present companion items to customers to increase transaction size.

Mobile selling

Make your iPhone or iPad a floating register with detailed info and vivid product images.

Sell online

Connect to Web Store, a simple way to get your products for sale on the web right away.

Integrated payments

EMV compliant, ready for credit, debit, Apple Pay, gift cards, and more!

Discounts and pricing levels

Set up to 11 prices per product, and assign automated discounts to favorite customers.

Customer relationships

Layaways and special orders

Make sure you don't lose the sale by arming your salespeople with effective tools.

Custom fields

Record data unique to your business, like sizes or preferences, and report on them later.

Deposits, payments and accounts receivable

Let your customers know their balances and credits with instant, to-the-penny accuracy.

Customer categories

Targeted marketing based on common attributes encourage repeat purchases and loyalty.

Back-end management

User privileges

Get extremely detailed and set who can do what when across the entire system.

Import tools

Import thousands of customers or products to make sure you're completely up to date.


Tax inclusive pricing, currency formatting, price rounding, and multi-language documents.

Print options

Print gift receipts, packing slips, box labels, mailing labels, product labels, claim checks, and more.